Editorial Message


KARATE TIMES began to be published on 11-9-94 with a view to help the commonman to understand what is Martial Arts and to propogate the Arts all over the world. It recieves full co-operation from world famous Okinawan, Japanese, American and European Masters. KARATE TIMES aims at the development of all style and is not descriminative in any way. I have found after years of study that Martial arts is full of misunderstanding and superstition. KARATE TIMES goes a long way in eliminating their faults; it comes out in English to facilitate readers all over India and the world to study and understand the basic facts about the Art

Your advertisement, big or small, while helping us to publish KARATE TIMES, will help our readers to know about your establishment/product/ organization or whatever it may be let it be an evergreen memory through the pages of ‘KARATE TIMES’

Printer, Publisher & Chief Editor K.V. MANOHARAN